Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life as we know it

What a crazy month it has been. bridal showers, engagements, classes, kisses, friends, and applications have all just been part of this busy wonderful life :):):)
First congrats to the best big sisters ever T and B are both well on their way to getting married, i think it has become more of a race between the two, with T winning the first engagement and B winning the first wedding ( they are both complaining but what do i get? (:) Last week was B's fun filled scandals bridal shower. i thought i was coming home to only one wedding-crazy sister but the night i arrived T was proposed to. what a crazy weekend. everyone always asks my mom how she is handling everything, but personally i love it!!!!!!! our family is growing older and growing in number. i love where we are as a family, it is hard being separated but these are the days i have waited so long for, for us to go grow together, for us to move on but remember we will always be together thanks to our wonderful parents and all the great sacrifices they made for us. this is life as we know it and i love it!!!!! :):)
college has been one party after another. the first week back i was thrown off a car by a soulless redhead. alright it might not have been entirely all her fault. my friend A and i were riding on the hood of her car but she decided to show off for the super cute boy and make a sudden turn forcing me off the car. thankfully two wonderful boys were willing to crawl out of their bed at three in the morning to give a stupid college student a blessing. i will always be grateful for the priesthood, i know its power is real and can change life as it has changed mine on many occasions.
at the beginning of the semester i moved into a new residents hall it was kind of weird. i have never ever before in my life been the new girl and at nineteen i finally had the opportunity. i love it here the people are amazing and the room is huge!!!!! my roommate is the cutest thing :):):)
i am in this psych class that i absolutely love ( that's right i have the best major ever be jealous). about a week ago we had a conversation concerning our future with the major and the careers we were all working toward. it sounds silly but i never planned on actually getting a full degree from a college. my mother went for a year and then was married. my sisters went for two and are now getting married ( they are still both finishing their degree). it never hit me until that day that i am here to do this for real, to get this degree and change the world. I want to get married one day. i actually i am so excited for it, but there is a time and a place for everything and i don't know when that day will be, i know it is not right now and i love that, this is life as i know it, where i learn more about who i am everyday where i grow and struggle everyday, i have no clue where my life is headed i am a dirt poor college student with big dreams, this is my life, my world and i love every second of it.