Monday, June 18, 2012


wow what a summer it has been already. let me be the first to say that this summer is not what i thought it would be. it has been one interesting adventure to say the least. when i left school i knew that i had to come home and work so that i could come back for school and pay for it on my own so when i got a job right off the bat i was super grateful. this is what i needed, this is what i had prayed so hard for the last year. i wanted to be able to talk about my boss or going to work, i needed this. so why was i so miserable? i hated being one of those mcworkers i hated riding the bus with some of the weirdest people in this town. this lifestyle made me so sad, i felt sad for the individuals stuck here and depressed at the thought of being stuck myself. i missed my college friends and my life. it wasn't until i finally started to actually listen to my coworkers to tell their life stories that i had a serious wake up call. who am i to judge these individuals? who is this 19 year old,naive selfish brat that i have become. i have lived such a life of pleasure and when one thing happens that i don't like i throw a fit. i don't believe i have ever faced a serious trial in my life, the lord has blessed me so much and when he continues to bless me i complain because it was not high class enough of a blessing. no matter how much i needed this money i needed this experience much more. i have learned so much about those individuals i use to judge. these individuals may live a different life than i do but that doesn't make it wrong it just makes it different. i wonder what it actually feels like to feel totally alone and responsible for everything that you do, to honestly believe that there is no one else out there to take care of you or look out for you. I have been blessed with such great parents who take such could care of me, but even better than that i have such a wonderful father in heaven who blesses my life so much. we all have that same father in heaven that i call to twenty million times a day like :please help me find my bus pass" and he always answers, i can't even begin to fathom not knowing that he is there to help me. i can't imagine doing this on my own. how strong does an individual have to be to wake up in this horrible world believing that no one cares for their happiness but themselves, to wake up alone. as i have gotten to know my coworkers i have began to care for them, and my job has actually become fun. our perspective controls our attitude, if we are unhappy we must change our perspective on the situation. it's not easy, but nether is life. what is our life worth though if we never work for anything, if we never stumble or completely fail. experience is what makes a person. if we don't go out and live our own lives what our they worth?