Sunday, October 14, 2012

Called to serve

General Conference 2012 Saturday morning session changed my life. i had always planned on going on a mission, it had been a part of my life plan since my junior year in high school. however when i came to college so many other worldly honorable opportunities had presented themselves. i finally found a job that i love at a university i had fallen in love with. there was so much that i wanted to do, i wasn't ready to give up on this path yet. just the night before general conference i told my mother i was thinking about postponing a mission to later or never. my mother lovingly did not judge me she told me it was my decision and it was between me and the lord. like most decisions i hadn't even asked my father in heaven what i should do, i took maters into my own hands without any guidance from he who knows me best.
the next morning as i walked into the conference center Jennifer and i were discussing the idea that both of us wanted to serve missions however i was still unsure. let me stop right now and tell you how grateful i am for a father in heaven who knows and loves his children, a father in heaven who takes an interest in a twenty year old girls life. let me bare my testimony that i know my father in heaven loves me and that he is looking out for me. i know without a doubt that he LOVES ME!! That Saturday morning my father in heaven reminded me of where i needed to be and what i needed to be. sitting in the conference center it felt like the prophet looked right at me and in the words "19 year old young women can serve missions" he said to me "Megyn this work and this gospel is the most important thing you will ever do, our heavenly father loves you he needs you, and you for yourself need to serve a mission"
i feel ashamed to admit that i had become like Paul  i had seen the savior i had felt his spirit and i knew the truth of his gospel and i knew without a shadow of a doubt the importance of his mission, his atonement and my role in his gospel. i too unfortunetly left to go fishing. i spent my time worrying about things that were unimportant  best friends i missed talking to, essay that needed to be written, money that i didn't have. in this conference the lord said to me, Megyn isn't it clear that while all of this is important to you so therefor it is important to me, this is not what i need you to be doing this is not were i need your focus. why are you here? why did i send you here? my gospel is the most important thing, the best gift i could give to this world and i have allowed you to be raised in it, i have blessed you with the knowledge that i will never leave you, how could you be so selfish and not share it with those around you?
so here i sit on a Sunday afternoon sharing with you the experience that changed my life. i Megyn Chantelle Rushton have been called to serve a mission. a mission i have been called to since birth, serve his children, share his gospel live my life as his example and dedicate my life to him.  i plan on serving a mission for my savior for a year and a half in some land i do not know with people i never met. i however i am serving a mission right now, a mission i will continue to serve long after my mission. i am a child of good who has been blessed with a knowledge of who i am and who he is. it is my mission to live this truth and share it with his children