Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer time.....i'm Lovin' it :):):)

walks.butterflies,,family,friends,water,sunshine,and a whole lot of fun!!! i can hardly wait for this summer! T's wedding is a short three weeks away, the scratched in date on calender is becoming a happily ever after. i miss my cedar friends like crazy, but i am loving being home, my family are some of the funniest people on earth. the other night at family home evening our family was playing a card game where the winner had to collect all cards from one suit. needless to say it was an amazingly long game. Tyson was extremely close to winning when Rachel (who was sitting next to him) picked up the card he needed. she had both five of diamonds in her hand and was particular to make sure Tyson was aware of this fact. she would flash around the cards and tease that poor little boy to no end. the five of diamonds has become the joke of the family every time Tyson declares " mom you know what i need?" Rachel quirky retorts " a five of diamonds" i missed these amazing individuals. Rachel is still the sassiest person i know and Tyson thinks he is a stud (he held nothing back when he informed the boy who was crushing on Rachel's best friend that she would never be interested in him because she could do much better) Jennifer is the worlds biggest stinker and yet there is no one i love More on this earth then these people. i am so blessed to spend an eternity with such amazing people.
lets not forget how amazing my friends are. it has been amazingly fun meeting back up with my magna friends and discovering where theirs lives took them this last year. they seem so different and yet still the same. they have Finlay convinced me to join the twitter world #iamajoiner we love to follow the gossipgirl of magna @Magnashoutouts. It's pretty dang funny and pathetic.
Tadja and Nicole are trying to convince me to join them in china for spring semester but i am still undecided, i am so excited to be an Ra and i didn't work as hard as i did to only do it for half a semester, but who knows where my life will head, this is not a decision i am ready to make on my own( good thing i don't have to, i have a loving father in heaven who will answer my prayers and lead me to where i need to be)
I finally got a job!!!!! it may be at McDonald's but hey it's a job. i have days where i don't particularly care for it and days where i love it. It's exciting growing up and taking care of myself. sometimes it's hard and you do things you don't really want to, but that is life.
I have loved being home for the summer, coming back to my roots, it has been a blast. so to sum up as always life is petty amazing and I'm lovin' it #iworkatmcdonaldsnowihavetousetherecatchphraseeverymomentofmylife. ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Blessing From Heaven

Happy mothers day!! just a heads up today is going to be a sappy, cheese ball, make-you-cry-your-eyes-out kind of post. okay it probably will not make you cry your eyes out because what i am about to tell you everyone already knows. my mother is the most amazing woman in this world. seriously she is going to save this world. she is my hero,inspiration, and my best friend. i have never meant a more hard working individual than my mother. she is the kind of individual who puts her whole heart into what she does, her service has no end. she is constantly helping those around her and working her hardest to do all she can for those she cares for. she sacrifices all she has to be a good mother, wife, and friend. she is the definition of a righteous daughter in Zion. ( don't be fulled she is not perfect, although i can see how you would get that impression (;  ) i have been truly blessed to have such a strong sweet mother. i am who i am because of her. she has taught me more than any other person i know.
I love you mom!!!!!! :):):)