Tuesday, August 23, 2011

its the college life for me :D:D:D

i Megyn Chantelle Rushton have been at college for a total of one week and two days!!!! i love it!!!! its crazy different and takes forever to get use to, not a day goes by that i don't want to burst into tears from missing my family but i am having so much fun!!!!! i have the opportunity to be a community attache which is basically like a PA over housing, i have meant so many great people. there are a couple of girls who drive me crazy, you know the kind the ones who only talk to you if it makes them look good or there is something in it for them but other then that i love it!!!! i get to give tours of housing and host overnights!!!!!! double plus my advisor is chad Scott hot!!!!!! although he is not chad Scott amazing and spiritual so he is just fun to look at :D
me And Nicole made a new friend bleu, yes like bleu cheese, he is so funny and while i don't think so according to my roomie he is hot stuff. Alex mortenson got here yesterday and it has just been one big party after another. i love the people here and so far my favorite class is Psychology which just happens to be my major so lucky me:D
oh boy is living with another girl hard, don't get me wrong i love it but we came up here already being super close so we didn't expect to have to set any boundaries, well let me tell you everyone has boundries, contrary to popular belief ( belief brought on by roomies facebook post) we are getting along just great, we just need to set into routine and get use to the change and our different lifestyles it was easy to be best friends when we didn't have to see each other everyday and deal with each others tick and flaws we prepared our selves for easy fun and that is not exactly what happened, but now we have learned we need to work to get along and be patient and respectful and things are going great!!!
I miss my family like crazy i think the only thing that keeps me from running home is knowing that although my family can't be with me my father in heaven is. i swear i have never prayed so much in my life, i am so grateful for such a loving father in heaven who watches out for silly little girls who miss their mommy and are afraid to be on there own.
we had a speaker talk about fear and i learned some valuable points; fear is not evil in fact it can be good but only if you use that fear to push yourself instead of letting it hold you back. we will get no where in life, learn nothing, and become nothing if we don't face our fears and take risks life isn't just going to happen we have to live it take every opportunity given to us and run with it! well this desperate girl has got to find a job so i am out to go turn in some applications!!!
Megyn Chantelle Rushton :D

Friday, August 5, 2011

my first post ever!!:D:):):)

well hello blogging world!!!!!!!! i am officially an adult now!!!!! hmmm well now that i have one of these i don't really know what to say how do you people do this? :D
i start my college experience in one week and a day from today, and i cant wait!!! :D i am terrified but still crazy excited i cant wait to take this next step in my life that scares the death out of me. with lots and lots of prayers though i know it will be the best thing ever.
last night my very best friends and i got to hang out one last time before leaving to school( well one of them is my roommate and the other is going to the next door college.) we laughed from the moment we got there to the time i got home. they are such amazing girls. i am so excited to live with Nicole and become even closer than we are now she is adorable and so amazing and i will learn so much from her. tadja has been my best friend since the moment our spirits were created, she has changed my life and besides my parents she is the one who has had the biggest impact on who i have become. she made my childhood the best one anyone could have. twirling, saving dashing prince's, chasing tornado's, saving middle earth, assisting harry potter in the war against evil, tackling massive garbage cans, making out with bed posts, poofy dresses, first crushes, every memory i have has her in it.

i love them both oddles and tons!!! :D