Friday, May 17, 2013

I am excited for forever :):)

Today I was in my kitchen making brownies and as I licked the spoon I was reminded of the time my roommates and I mixed the brownie batter and ate just the batter for days. :):):)
I miss it, I miss all of it. I miss my gorgeous roommates who drove me crazy, made me smile and laugh, and who became my family. I miss going to class instead of work. I miss the cute boy who stole my heart. I miss the mentors who worked with SANS. I miss the best RA's and coworkers. I miss the two best bosses anyone could ever have. I miss the residents who stressed me out, who I loved, and who I had a blast with. I miss College!!!!!! I had the two best years of my life and saying goodbye is extremely hard.
With that being said I am beyond excited for what comes next. I am overly excited and scared to serve a mission. I am ecstatic to fall in love again and again and start a family; a family I will be with forever.
I have been molded and shaped in the past two years into the person that I am. However I am not done, I will continue to change and grow. Both of which scare me immensely. I am terrified of change; however I said the same thing when I left high school and my life has only improved since then.
" Come what may and love it" right?
My dear best friend has just been married in the temple. :):):) I cannot express my excitement for her. My two older sisters just bought a house. Rachel and Tyson are both working for their first jobs, and Miss Jenna joe is trying out for dance company. People change, life goes on and usually it is for the better.
I am excited for forever :):):)