Monday, August 27, 2012


wow what a couple of crazy stressful weeks it has been!!! i love my job!!!!! being an RA is a blast!!!! i couldn't ask for a better job with better coworkers. training was hard and grueling, move ins were crazy,but  this job is the best.
i love the priesthood!!!!!! life saving moments!!! so i was super stressed about RA, money, school, money, and money. two amazing young priesthood holders came over last night to give a scared stressed little girl some comfort.
i love roommates!! after the blessing i was telling my roommate a story of a princess a prince and a dragon, and all the potential trivial life threatening issues in my life. the sweet roommate reminded me of my blessing and that my heavenly father loves me and that he knows what he is doing, i just need to trust in him and give my life to him and he will take care of me.
 it's official!!!!! yesterday at church the bishopric passed around the annual pink paper asking for our records and information. the first box i noticed asked if i had been on a mission, of course i marked no. the next bo however is an entirely different more exciting story. the question? are you preparing for a mission? i excitedly marked yes. it's official i am preparing to serve a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!!!! i can't go for at least a year, but i am going!!!!!