Friday, June 21, 2013

I hope they call me on a mission....oh wait they did!!!!!! :):)

It has finally happened!!! After all of the shots, freak outs, frustrations, and prayers I have received my mission call!!!!!
I have been called to serve in the Richmond Virginia Mission!!!!! :):):)
While preparing to serve a mission I had a feeling that I would be called to serve in state, "well dang it" was my first response. I want to go somewhere cool!!! When I was asked where I wanted to go I would explain that a mission is a mission and I was happy to serve; I think I was trying to convince myself more than anyone else. I had just left the worlds greatest job at the worlds greatest university to serve and I wanted it to be worth it.
My mission has the potential to be the greatest thing I will ever do, that has nothing to do with where I serve, but how I serve.
The Sunday before I opened my call I had the opportunity to attend a homecoming. I did not know the sister, but her words touched me. The lord reminded me that the gospel is meant to be shared with all of his children whether they live in a "cool" place or not. It was selfish of me to only want to serve Foreign or in a great big city. The lord loves all of his children and I have been blessed to grow up in an environment where I learned and gained a testimony of this gospel, it is my responsibility to share this knowledge and love with others, regardless of where they live.
With that being I am beyond excited to serve in Richmond Virginia!!!!! I already love this place and I have never even been there!!!
I am excited and scared that my call date is so soon!!! While back at school I had a conversation with my fantastic boss, I told her I want to serve sooner rather then later. We had a great conversation about serving in state, my reason for wanting to leave ASAP, and the great blessings of a mission. After opening my call I knew the lord was listening in on that conversations, and my Boss was a truly inspired person. I had never really prayed to leave earlier, because I knew the lord would take me when he needed me. However I am so grateful that he knew my worries, fears, and anxiousness to serve.
This is really happening and I could not be more scared or excited!!!!!
Get ready Richmond Virginia I am on my way!!! :):):)

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